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Ending a two year relationship, after spending every waking moment together has got to be the hardest thing in the world to do. Because you have become so defined and depended by that person you know longer know how to live or function on your own. 

Me in a nut shell//

I like to be alone. Im mentally incapable to be around people for too long because my attention span is shorter than a toddlers. Imagination & Dreaming - thats all that pretty much runs through my mind 24/7. Im a thinker. I think about every and anything, ideas, plans, stories even images. I cant tell you what I want to be when Im older because its something different every hour. A image or thought will set off in my mind and bam ! I have a new career choice that will only last 60 minutes until something else has intrigued me.  Relationships? Im never emotionally invested because when Im with someone Im too busy counting down the minutes until Im alone. Im not talented whats so ever, I couldnt draw, write, sing or act if it was to save me. So what does that leave me with? My mind. It always come back to my mind. Maybe thats why I love myself so much? Because I take comfort inside my head, where theres no judgement, hate, pity or negativity. In my mind no one can tell me Im wrong, ugly, talentless or even a waste. Being alone is the most comforting thing for me but then Im constantly tossing between being alone and being lonely. My dilemma. Loving to be alone and and hating feeling lonely.  

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winter nights are the best x
I love rainy days x

Im sitting on my couch in the middle of the day, with wet hair and a big blanket. The heater is running, i have my hot chocolate, 6 inch subway . Im watching Alice in wonder land, and johnny depp is just amazing. My cat is snuggling my socks on my feet, and my laptop is keeping my legs warm. Ive lit up candles all around and have the curtains open to see the beautiful clouds outside. I never want to move from this spot and just wish everyday was like this 

Anonymous said: never been so fat in my life, urgh, i gained like 0,8 lbs and I feel like shit. : O I don't know if my body is messed up or is it just my mind.

do you know every time i lose weight(5kilos or more) i look in the mirror and still think I’m so fat and i would just break down . do you know what my boyfriend does? he will secretly take a picture of my body (naked or in a bra and undies, ) he makes sure my head is not in it. He will then edit the background with with iPhone app, and be like how pretty is this girls body and i would be in love. he would finally tell me it was my body and that i have nothing to worry about. in conclusion , its your mind 1000% , it will constantly tell you your not good enough , but you have to fight it and tell yourself you are xx

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Anonymous said: can i ask advice? i have a boyfriend but I'm not sure if I'm in love with him. I've never loved anyone before so i don't exactly know when I'm in love?

there is no emotion to explain love. Its the most overpowering feeling you will ever feel. You entire body and soul is in constant need of that person. Its the best and worst feeling you will ever endure. your in constant fear that you will lose that person , but you just need to hear their voice to get you through the day. If you wake up every morning wanting that person with every inch of your body , then thats love. if your biggest fear is not dying but losing that person, then thats also love. i believe if you don’t feel that way about someone, then you don’t know what love is . sorry for my rambling , hope that helps xx

Anonymous said: What advice would you give to a person with an eating disorder? Creepy I know, but I'm desperate and depressed lol. Would like to hear something from you, because you seem to be so cool as a person : ).

thats not creepy at all! i use to have a eating disorder, i pretty much didn’t eat for a year. my advice?, this is my story. love yourself. In the end of the day no one is going to love/support/trust/be there for you then you will be for yourself. I learned to be my own best friend. i started to eat salads and sushis and fun foods, i would go for walks and take in the nature , i read heaps of books and meditated heaps. i started to love  being alone and have fun by myself. i got healthy and then i met someone. he fell in love with me because he loved how confident and happy i was with my self. I’m now in love/ healthy and not depressed. in the end the only person that can help yourself is you. xx

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